Stage 2: Reflections of a part-time undergraduate student

People say life in university is probably one of the most exciting moments in a lifetime; my guess would be that this is directly referring to students doing full time programme in the campus itself.  As for myself, being a part time student was not really something enjoyable.  Having to take up a double life as company employee by the day and student by the night is a task that drains up lot of energy.  That is also a doubled up anxiety to handle, given that there are both goals to achieve in work and study at the same time.

However, there are interesting things about being a part time student.  Sometimes one may wonder where on earth the energy comes from, despite being near to burnt-out after spending close to 9 hours average daily in the office environment.  That is all thanks to passion built to carry on studying in a field of one's own interest.  As an undergraduate student, the time committed to subjects (despite being in the working class) were no less different than an individual doing their bachelor degree in the full time environment.  That literally means work life is not an option to serve as an excuse shall one fail to complete a set of given activity or assignments on time because the expectations, may it be full time or part time students, are of equal standards.

The only advantage being a part time student probably will be the longer time frame given to complete the entire programme versus the full time candidates.  This leads to one beginning to think if we should spend longer time to graduate or bear with momentary pain to complete the course to enjoy the fruits of hard labour in the shortest time possible?  That will depend on how important the program means to each individual.