SGPsychStud: Do you have a goal? What is your goal?

Being in the month of May, many students would have finished or would be finishing their exams soon. For some of you, this period marks the beginning of your new semesters or time to have a break. So this might be a good time to do some reflection looking at yourself and asking yourself why you are studying what you are studying. This post may not only apply to psychology students but rather all students.

The question here is: Do you have a goal? What is your goal?

A phenomenon I noticed (since the years I have been teaching tuition) in students, especially younger students, do not really have a goal. They seemed to be purely studying for the sake of studying. If they were asked why do you need to study, an answer often heard would be because "I have to" or "need to", but this does not really answer the "why". Think about it. They could have given an answer towards their preferred future occupation or dreams, but studying seemed to have become a daily action that is required to be done for the sake of doing it.

But this may not be the case for students who are doing tertiary studies as they may have chosen their education path due to their choice of future possible careers. I used "may" in the last sentence, as there are students who chose the certain diplomas or degrees because those are the only ones they may be able to get in.

It is ideal to have a goal, to know where you are going and what you are striving for. With a goal, there is direction, an aim and an reason for why you are studying what you are studying.

Do you have a goal? What is your goal in psychology?