SGPsychStud - Working and Studying: Advisable??

Some students doing their psychological studies may be working a full-time (FT) job at the same time. This is quite common especially for those doing their studies in a PEI (private education institute). The question is: Can you handle all the load???

Often it is assumed that if you are studying in a night course, you are doing a part-time (PT) program. However in fact, if you are doing a university degree with three or more subjects, you are actually doing a FT load, according to most universities. A usual FT load for universities are 4 subjects. Better check with your university and ask if it is a FT/PT load, rather that if it is a FT/PT program. You might actually be doing a night program with a FT load.

 Is it a good way of working out the program as you work? Definitely not!
Yes you do get to finish the program faster, if you choose to do it full-time. However if you are working as well, this could take a terrible toil on you. Let's do some calculations.

Assuming you have a FT job (8am to 5/6pm) and taking up a program with FT load (hence requiring 40 hours each week including the lectures and tutorials of 3 sessions a week, and time taken up for readings and assignments):
Out of 5 weekdays, 3 are gone due to the lectures and tutorials, hence leaving out 2 weekday nights and the weekends. In those days, assuming everyone sleeps a normal 6 to 8 hours sleep (which most don't), you are left with about 4 to 5 hours per weeknight and 16 to 18 hours for the each weekend, which adds up to a total of 40 to 45 hours. This remaining hours will include travelling time between home and work, and eating time.  But you need another 30ish hours for your work other than classes, which means you probably only have around 10 hours left for travelling and food over 2 weekends and the weekends.
(This timings are estimates and varies from person to person, depending on amount of time you need for your various activities.)

Is that enough time for you? You decide...
My advice for students are "Manage your time"; time management is extremely important if you plan to do a FT job and a program with a FT load at the same time. If it is possible, do one FT and one PT, either work or studies, but probably not those two FT together.