Stage 5: Reflections of a working mum with a psychological degree

How does psychology affect me in my work and daily lives?

Well, having two kids, with my parents-in-law staying with us, has definitely been very challenging. For example, having to change my behavioural styles and communication with my kids as a mother because they see me as a role model, and controlling my unnecessary bad temper and mood swings to communicate with my kids in a manner that they will learn to be better persons. 
G., my elder daughter was full of jealousy when her baby sister came to join our family. How did I realise? This was through being more sensitive to her behaviour and her communication methods. She had shown and proven that she was unhappy with a lot of things that concerned her younger sister, J. Thank god, I picked up on her negative thinking and managed to save (or rather minimize) this continuation of bad behaviour in her. Now her management skills and tolerant levels are better. However, my job does not stop here. It was not even a job. It was a responsibility, a huge one in making sure they grew up as better persons. I believe in giving them the childhood that they need, making sure they are happy at the same time having discipline at a very young age.
At work, psychology too had helped me recognise certain elements that may lead to stress. Understanding people's behaviour helped me in handling them better. I don't believe in stress-free working environments unless you got no objective or dateline to meet. However by recognizing that I am stressed, I can learn to manage them. Hence I believe it is very important to manage your stress at work, and only then, you will produce effectiveness and efficiency in your work.