SGPsychStud: The start of one's psychological journey..

How do you know psychology is going to be the path for you? You may not..until you are in it..

This is just like your teacher asking you in primary school: "What do you want to be in the future?" Often your preferences may come from your favourite television shows, the jobs you view as prestigious and of high respect, or the job of someone related  or close to you.

But how do we know? Though during our younger days, it is of little or few chance that we know of psychology or psychologists, because (a) it is not a high paying and prestigious job, like doctors and lawyers, and (b) it is not a popular job in a blue-collar society (as we were previously). Hence there is low chance that we will choose this as a career choice in school.

But somehow somewhere our inquisitive minds start to work, and we probably started observing people as well. And we start to ask ourselves: Why? Why are people like that? (Just like the story of Newton where he starting thinking about "why did the apple fall?" when it fell on his head)

And through the popular advertisements for the various schools and programs in psychology, this thought of "yeah I think I may be interested for psychology" comes creeping into our minds, and the more we think and observe human behaviour, this thought may increase that interest in us and start our journey of psychology...Please see disclaimer below.

(If you wish to know if you are suitable to study psychology and/or if psychology will be interesting enough for you, please refer to this post. And for how psychology may one day merge into your life, this post may explain how it happens)

Disclaimer: Your story may be different. I am just providing a more common and possible story. Just comment here or in Facebook for your story.