SGPsychStud: Merge of Psychology with Self

Everyone does things for a reason, and this can be tied down to the person's personality, background, etc. However have you thought of how studying psychology may have affected your life and who you are as a person?

This may involve some introspection and looking back at yourself, how you may have evolved through your years of training in psychology and how much you have changed from the days of not doing psychology to today.
Here is my experience:
As for myself, I noticed my changes and initially attributed them (such as being more extrovert, changes in thought processes, etc.) to occupational needs, as required by the future profession of being a psychologist.
But I question myself: am I really just taking on these changes to become another person in order to become a psychologist? Or am I developing these changes and becoming a psychologist through the real me?

Those changes that were made - some may resonate with who we are, and some might not. And those that resonate may actually stay with us and develop further. What we might eventually find is that we are actually "summoning" out that psychologist profile in us, and hence becoming more and more like a psychologist in terms of personality, thought process, and behaviour. Please do not be mistaken (if you are) to think that there is only one type of profile for a psychologist. We are all different and hence our personalities, etc. will be different, but we might have similar personality traits, display similar behaviour and think similarly.

So what was meant by the title "Merge of Psychology with Self"?
Reading to this point, it could be understood that we do change as we study and train in psychology. What may eventually happen is that psychology may unknowingly and unconsciously become part of us - part of how we think, part of how we behave, part of how we portray ourselves to people, etc - and appear in the different aspects of our lives.