SGPsychStud: Should you be taking up Psychology??

Firstly, Happy New Year to everyone!!

Towards the new year, everyone would be deciding on which courses they are going to take, with their O's and A's levels results to be out soon. So this post will be focused on whether a student would be suitable to take up psychology as  a choice of study.

For choices of programs to choose from , please see this post. If you wish to know what you are studying in the psychology programs for the diplomas and degrees, please see here.

But the question is how do you know you are suitable to study psychology? and that psychology will be interesting enough for you? I can't really answer this question for you, but you can answer this for yourselves.
Let's look at the following questions:

  1. Do you like to help people?
  2. Do you like to ask "Why"?
  3. Do you like to listen to people talk about their issues?
  4. Do you wish to understand people (or rather people's behaviour)?
  5. Do you wish to come up with reasons for why people behave the way they do? 
  6. Do you wish to explore and research for why people behave the way they do? 
  7. Are you interested in psychological disorders?
  8. Are you a positive person?
  9. Are you intrinsic motivated?
  10. Are you a genuinely altruistic person?
This list of questions may be extensive and all questions may not be here. But if you answered "Yes" to some of these questions, you might be suitable to study psychology and may find psychology interesting. 

I would like to wish everyone All the best for the New Year!