Jobs (Part 3): Which job is suitable for me?

As we know, there are many psych-related jobs out there, and as we know, not all of us get to be psychologists, and some of us may be studying psychology not because we want to be psychologists. The studies could be just an interest for some, or just a stepping stone for others, and for the rest of them, a pathway to their careers.

"But which job should I choose??" "Can I even choose?" You may ask.

As mentioned in a previous post, there are actually many areas (even more than on that post itself) where you actually find some jobs in. However, not all of them may be areas which you might be interested in. In my opinion, it might be better to find jobs where you are familiar with or more interested in, e.g. if you come from a business background, you might tend towards the Human Resource department in the different organisations looking for jobs with your psychology qualifications, and if you are into nursing and want to stay in that industry, you may still choose to go back to the hospital or work in a psychiatric ward. It all depends on your level of comfort with that position.

It also depends on your level of skills and knowledge which you have gained through your degrees (Bachelors / Honours), and your past work experience. I would say the main difference between a Bachelor degree and a Honours degree would be the research skills that one would have gained, hence for those with a Honours degree, this might open an extra venue into the research section for you.

Work experience makes a difference as well, as the same for all other careers areas. If you come from a teaching background, and you wish to go back into that area with the application of your psychological knowledge, you might then choose to change to a special school where your knowledge could be better used and applied.

Some people may not even change jobs. It is really up to you.