The work of a psychologist..

Who aspires to be a psychologist? You! Me! and many others out there...
But let's pause here and consider the whole picture. Some of you may already have understood the whole story; however it might be blurry for some, as the story is displayed through bits and pieces from the rest of the posts..

Education required: At least up to postgraduate degree of Masters (which probably the whole period will take up to 5-6 years)
It really depends on how well you do to allow you to proceed from one level to the next, hence overall good results are quite important for your bachelors and honours degrees.

Work criteria: involves doing testing and assessment, research, psychoeducation (such as holding workshops) and psycho-therapeutic counselling [Hence through the education, you will learn or be trained to do all those]

Clientele (type of clients you might get): Depends on the specialisation / type of psychology that you decide to take up; However regardless of specialisation, the psychotherapy skills (not mental skills) you acquire should be transferable between the specialisations.

Question: Will I be able to earn a lot?
Answer: That will depend on your pay which your employer/organisation gives you. I cannot really give you an estimate. However if you are thinking of coming into this field to earn money, I would advise you not to go any further, as there is not much to be earned other than the gratifications and enjoyment you may get from being a psychologist