Masters in Psychology..Hum..

The focus of this page is to point you to the different areas of psychology, such as clinical psychology and educational psychology, and to introduce the difference of a Masters program to the earlier studies. Hopefully this page provides a further understanding in the world of studying psychology.

Ok. We are done with talking about what the honours program covers. The next level is the Masters level if you can make it there. So what is the Masters program? Like some courses, they have specialisations ( such as engineering has civil engineering, mechanical engineering, etc..). Psychology has specialisations as well.. For the list, see the types of psychologists there are.

So this is what happens..You will take your Bachelors and Honours in general psychology and learn to do everything (almost everything..), and only in the Masters program, you will finally get to that fixed specialisation which you like.

Question: So what do you do in a Masters program?
Unlike the Honours, this time it is more focused on building you up more as a psychologist. Hence you will learn things that lean more towards the practitioner side of the model. Here you probably will do more counselling roleplaying and practices, more sessions and discussions about the different situations and clients that you may encounter. Also not to forgot about the researcher side, you will once more do a thesis which this time goes over 2 years unless the Honours year where you only have about 9 months to 1 year to finish it.

Question: What can I do for my thesis?
Often the thesis topic is something of your choice in your area of psychology. Sometimes people would just follow a topic which their supervisor is interested in.

I am not sure what other questions you may have. Feel free to ask and I shall update either this post or follow up from the comments below.