Jobs and job prospects (Part 1)

I should get this started as this is one of the main issues and thoughts when people start studying psychology. I will use the term "job"" rather than "career" as "career" has an inclination towards a long-term planning to reach a certain position and job.

Will I be able to get a job?? What job will I be able to get??

Quoted from Ngee Ann Polytechnic:
"With your training in psychological knowledge coupled with applied skills, you are well placed to find employment as a programme executive or social work assistant at voluntary welfare organisations, or research assistant at private organisations. You can also assist psychologists, support social workers and conduct social research."
What can PCS graduates do?
  • Be change agents in the society to identify, prevent and improve prevailing social problems.
  • Conduct research and work with social organizations.
  • Assist in undertaking assessment, intervention and counselling for learning and developmental issues in various population groups.
  • Work with law, police and rehabilitation services.
  • Support clients with issues such as personal well-being, relationships, work, health and crisis management for better quality of life.
  • Promote healthy behaviours and the prevention and treatment of illness.
  • Coordinate, promote and manage community-based programmes for various population groups.

Yeah it sounds very promising.. and in one line (somewhere hidden between the many lines) it also writes.."With further training, you can become certified psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, and counsellors.."  Yes there are really double full-stops. Purpose: You decide for yourself.

However You do not have to be disheartened, and worrying about your future and whether or not you will get a job.  People with degrees and diplomas in psychology are of high demand in Singapore. There are many areas where people in a psychology degree can work in. 

A good example would be that as quoted again from the above Ngee Ann Polytechnic website:

"Where can PCS graduates work?
  • Corporate Sector - consultancy, market research, professional associations
  • Uniformed services - prisons, police
  • Governmental bodies - e.g Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports; Community Development Council; Ministry of Home Affairs; Subordinate Courts, Family and Juvenile Justice Centre
  • Educational Institutions - Schools, Universities
  • Research and test development organisations
  • Not for Profit Organisations - community and social welfare"
There are actually many areas, however you often will have to look for the right job that suits you.

To end this first post on Jobs, I shall introduce a method of understanding the structure of what jobs you may be able to get when you study psychology. Some of you may remember the Healthy Diet Pyramid that you may have learnt in primary/secondary school? Yes. The idea is similar to it.

Diplomas/Degree holders: A lot of jobs to choose from, however they tend to be more general and of a lower status level and pay
Honours Degree Holders: Jobs may include those of the degree holders as well, but fewer jobs as they now become more specific such as research assistants.
Masters/Postgraduate Degree holders: Jobs now become very very specific and little. Common jobs include psychologists, lecturers and tutors. 

There will be more posts regarding Jobs in the future, so TO BE CONTINUED....