To be a psychologist: Part 2

Ok. So what is the next step after the bachelors?

If your bachelors degree comes with an Honours (such as this from NTU or those from overseas), good for you. You may proceed directly to take up a Masters or a postgraduate degree.
If your degree does not come with a Honours, you will then need to take an Honours degree before moving on.

After the Honours year, you can then proceed to the Masters program (I think minimum entry into Masters is a 2nd class honours for most universities).

You may ask: "What is the difference between the Bachelors, Honours, and Masters?"
Ans: In Bachelors, you learn EVERYTHING..(bao ka liao) Honours, the year is usually more focused on the research component, teaching and training you to do research, so that you can do a Masters, it is usually more focused on the practical side of a psychologist, teaching you how to become a psychologist, and also having to do a thesis as well.
Like engineering (and some other areas), there is a specialisation that you will have to choose. In an engineering undergrad (Bachelors), you choose your specialisation on your 2nd year, or during your program (I am not too familiar with other courses other than psychology). But in psychology, you only have your specialisation in the Masters, which means that you choose a side of psychology to pursue in. (For the different types of psychological specialisations, see Types of psychologists)

Qn: Do you have to do until Masters to be able to be a psychologist?
Author's ans: This is where the conflict comes in..In Singapore it is not a requirement, depending on your employers. But if you are planning to take up a government job or a public job, it is most likely a requirement of a Masters degree. However, if you plan to be a psychologist in Australia or UK, it is a minimum requirement. Please see the previous post.