Jon: Silver Ribbon Singapore Youth Chapter

To follow up from our previous post on the mental health scene in Singapore, we will be introducing a new youth initiative by the Silver Ribbon Singapore organization.  Silver Ribbon (Singapore) is a well-established Voluntary Welfare Organization in Singapore’s mental health scene.  They were founded in 2006 and have since made it their mission to combat mental health stigma, encourage early treatment, and to facilitate the integration of people with mental illness within the society through innovative means of promoting mental health literacy.  The Silver Ribbon Singapore Youth Chapter is the newest addition to their ever-growing family of mental health advocates.

The youth chapter will be engaging in 3 programs that will be expanded as the chapter grows.

The decluttering program will involve volunteers helping to clear out the houses of hoarders (individuals who tend to store excessive amounts of items in their homes, to the point where it affects their daily life), as they have done before and were even featured in the Straits Times Causes Week 2016 for their work (see article link below).
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 The befriending program will involve our volunteers being dispatched to be with the mentally ill within the community (e.g., accompany them to check-ups etc.).  Now we all know how lonely and scary it can be to go for medical appointments at times, especially when you’re worried about the outcome of that appointment.  Imagine if you had an anxiety issue, that worry will just become even worse, and that is where our volunteers can step in and help assure them everything will be fine and that going to their medical appointments will help them get better in the long run.

The outreach program will require volunteers to help with administrative duties (e.g., answering queries or directing people to relevant sources etc.) at our various outreach programs.  Stigma and lack of mental health awareness is such a big problem in our community these days.  While much is already being done by CHAT (Community Health Assessment Team under the Institute of Mental Health) and other mental health VWOs (which we will be covering in more detail in another post), the youth chapter will be a great platform for youths interested in combating stigma and educating others about mental health issues to truly make an impact!

So to everyone passionate about the mental health community, take this opportunity and head down to the Silver Ribbon Singapore Youth Chapter’s Facebook Page to find out more and sign up to join them!