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The focus of this blog is to educate and inform people who are interested in psychology and/or wish to pursue a career in psychology in Singapore, i.e. to be a psychologist or any other related career. This blog is not affiliated to any psychological association or societies (such as the SPS or SRP in particular).
Some of the topics mentioned may be controversial and not similar to the common thoughts of the local psychological community. If you feel offended by any of the topics, you have the choice of clicking the "X" at the top right of your browser window. I hereby apologise beforehand if you are affected by any topic in any way; however that does not indicate my serious attitude towards the written topic.
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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog.

    It provides with much information about psychology in Singapore.

    Will you please provide us about background of yourself? Eg. your training, job, experience with psychology in Singapore? This may help us better understand where the perspectives are coming from.

    Thank you again!

    - A

  2. Hi Andy/others who are reading this blog,

    I have been doing and been a student of psychology since 2002, and currently back from Australia after doing my Masters. Hence my experience and research about psychology-related stuff about different countries.

    This is all in hope that psychology in Singapore become much better than it is now.